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December 1, 2014

Scoutmaster's Message

Dear Troop 1 Scouts and Parents,

I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving and have had your fill of turkey. If you haven't, don't worry, our next Turkey Cookoff Weekend is only about a year away!

Let's have a quick look back at November:

The SCOUTING FOR FOOD collection took place on November 1. This year along with Pack 1 Richmond we collected 3,110 pounds of food for the Richmond food pantry at the New Hope Chapel. Many thanks to Mr. Bacon for organizing and for everyone who participated in this important event. The November 14-16 TURKEY COOKOFF WEEKEND was a huge success again this year. Sitting down for dinner together is a good reminder that the troop is really one big extended family. Thanks to everyone who helped out, in particular Mr. and Mrs. Ferri who did the shopping, Our Master Chef for the weekend Mr. Sutcliffe who led the cooking teamed up with Mr. Hall, Mr. Hannon, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Berry, Mr. Barrette, Mr. McCue, Mr. Simpkins and Mr. Coffey. A big thanks to all of the scouts who helped cook as it is very much a team effort. We had 100 people attend including 28 scouts. The meal was delicious! Our attendance numbers were up and our Band-Aid usage numbers were down, so it was a good weekend all around!

The Results from the Turkey Cookoff Weekend Patrol Dessert Competition:
(As Judged by Mr. Jacques.)

4th Place: Baked Bananas, Viking Patrol
Viking's take on an old boy scout recipe was a great idea which was worth the risk. It was actually better than it looked but in the end it tasted a bit too much like just cooked bananas. The cash bribe was a nice touch.

3rd Place: Chocolate Dirt, Cobra Patrol
Cobra's chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie and gummy worm mix was a real treat, a nice take on a simple favorite that was well executed.

2nd Place: Pumpkin Pie, Eagle Patrol
Eagle's Dutch-oven baked pumpkin pie was warm and tasty, had complex elements, was a first for the dessert competition, showed great technique and was a perfect compliment to the turkey dinner.

1st Place: Chocolate Cream Pie, Flaming Arrow Patrol
This traditional pie had a graham cracker crust covered with chocolate pudding and whipped cream interspersed with chunks of chocolate topped with a generous dusting of grated chocolate. While simple in execution, care had obviously been put in to make it look and taste great which made it the favorite patrol dessert for everyone.

(and Mr. Jacques added..) All the patrols did an amazing job and every patrol should feel proud their entry!
During the same weekend, under the instruction of Quintin and Brennan Reynolds with help from Hayden Kendall, 10 scouts participated in the WILDERNESS SURVIVAL MERIT BADGE and most slept out overnight in survival shelters that they built. (I would like to give a special thanks to both Mr. Hannon and Mr. Reynolds for helping the Adult leaders with their "Wilderness Survival" by each kindly supplying us with a Dunkin' Donuts Box o' Joe!! They were the true heroes of the weekend!!). On November 18th our troop meeting was held at the Richmond-Carolina Fire Station where Mr. Coffey and Mr. Tom Santagata taught portions of the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge to interested scouts. Thanks goes to them for doing that. Our annual pre-Thanksgiving ACTIVITY MEETING AT THE URI POOL on November 25 was attended by 21 scouts. Thanks to Mr. Ferri for coordinating the meeting and to all adults who help some of our younger scout fulfill water rescue requirements.

Now looking forward:

To view detailed information on the online Troop Calendar. Click on Agenda, then click on the event, and scroll down to view all the details.

Remember to pay up on your dues! We are trying to collect all outstanding dues at the December 2nd troop meeting.

A TROOP MEETING will take place Tuesday December 2 from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Richmond Elementary School Cafeteria (Class A beige shirt). Troop Elections will be held (see below). Mr. Swanson will talk about snowsports at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area.

We will practice for Christmas Caroling at Shady Acres with Mr. Guillemette at our December 9 TROOP MEETING.

TROOP ELECTIONS for Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders will take place during the December 2 meeting. Candidates for the position of Senior Patrol Leader must be at least 14 years old, must have achieved the rank of First Class, and must have served in the role of Patrol Leader for at least one six-month term. Candidates for Patrol Leader must have achieved the rank of First Class. Patrol Leaders are elected by their patrol and must also be approved by the Senior Patrol Leader. Assistant Patrol Leaders must have achieved the rank of Second Class. Candidates for all non-elected positions except Den Chief must be First Class and are appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader with the approval of the Scoutmaster, except for Junior Assistant Scoutmaster which is appointed by the Scoutmaster. Term limits of not more than 2 consecutive six-month terms apply for all positions except Den Chief and JASM. All scouts interested in a position of leadership must fill out the Leadership Position Application form and have it signed by their parents. Here is a link to the form.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING is Saturday December 13 at Shady Acres Nursing Home, 415 Gardiner Road in Richmond from 9:30 to 11:00 AM. Dress in Class A shirt with neckerchief and remember that it can be warm inside the nursing home. For lunch and a movie after caroling DRIVERS ARE NEEDED. Each scout will need to bring enough cash to cover the costs, $15-$20. Please encourage your scout to at least attend to sing! This event brings holiday cheer to the Shady Acre residents and counts towards community service.

There will be a TROOP COMMITTEE MEETING at 7:00 PM on Sunday December 7 upstairs at The Downey-Weaver Post.

The annual GIFT EXCHANGE AND COURT OF HONOR will be held on Tuesday December 16, 6:30-8:30 PM, at the H. L. Arnold Fire Station on Route 112 in Carolina (entrance on the left side of the buildingóClass A shirt and neckerchief). For this event each scout is asked to bring a wrapped $5 gift (or prank gift) for the exchange. No dues will be collected but we ask that you become current with you unpaid dues by (preferably before) this meeting. We will honor all scouts who advanced this fall and present the past year in pictures. If you have digital photos of troop events, please get them to MR.REYNOLDS as soon as possible! Families are invited for the entire evening, but if you do not want to watch the gift exchange you can come after the first 45 minutes. Each scout family is asked to bring some food to share (cookies, brownies, fudge, chips, drinks/cups, etc.) for the end. This will be our last troop meeting of 2014, be sure to be there!

There will be a PACK MEETING for all den chiefs (class A shirt) on Thursday December 18 at 6:30 pm in the Richmond School Cafeteria.

It is almost time for SNOWSPORTS AT YAWGOO VALLEY! Ski or snowboard lessons and merit badge instruction at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area in Exeter coordinated by Mr. Swanson will start January 8 and run for 9 Thursday nights from 6:00-9:00 PM through March 5 as long as the ski area is open and there is interest. Group rates for the 2014 season (prices subject to change!) are $45 for rental and lift ticket combo or $25 for lift ticket only (regular non-group fees are $50/$30). Seasonal equipment rentals are available for $179 or $199 depending on size. Any non-scout youth or adult who comes to ski can also get the group rate. To get the group rate we need to collect money and pay all at once, so please arrive on time. Registered Troop 1 Richmond scouts and leaders who attended will pay $15 (the troop will cover the rest of the $25 lift ticket fee). The troop will not cover equipment rental fees. Contact Mr. Swanson at 539-6709 for questions. These prices are subject to change so I will be sure to give you an updated price schedule in the January Troop Newsletter.

REGISTRATION FOR THE MERIT BADGE COLLEGE IS STILL OPEN. The Merit Badge College takes place on Saturday January 3, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM at Rhode Island College in Providence. Cost is $25 per scout including lunch. Scouts can participate in their choice of the 60 merit badges offered. Registration opens November 1 and is on a first come, first served basis. Last year more than 1,000 scouts attended. Popular classes fill up fast. Register online here. Pay online with Visa or MasterCard. Troop transportation to RI College will not be provided. This event is open to boy scouts of all ages.

For CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS for you scout visit Items available at outdoor stores include a ski or snowboard helmet, mummy sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees F or below for cold weather camping, a sleeping pad, a Camel Pack hydration daypack, a backpack, or clothes for snowsports.

As always, be sure to follow the troop on Twitter and Google+ for up-to-the-minute troop updates and pictures. Links are below.

Enjoy the season and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Jarry, Scoutmaster

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02 Troop Meeting 6:30 pm Elections and Snowsports

02 Troop Meeting 6:30 pm Christmas Caroling Rehearsal

13 Christmas Caroling @ Shady Acres 9:30 am

07 Troop Committee Mtg 7 pm

16 End of Season COH 6:30 pm @ Route 112 Fire Station

18 Pack Meeting 6:30 pm


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