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July 1, 2014

Scoutmaster's Message

Dear Scouts and Parents:

As we head into July summer is really making itself noticed! With all of this great weather I hope you are finding ways to get outside and enjoy it. It was great to see scouts taking advantage of the troop events offered in June. The month started with the Cape Cod Bike trip which was attended by 13 scouts and 5 leaders. Thanks to Mr. Migdail-Smith for putting it all together. On June 3rd the troop and our extended troop family gathered for the end-of-season Court of Honor and cookout. Thanks to everyone who donated and who helped out with the event including Mrs. Ferri who shopped for dinner. On behalf of Narragansett Council we had 17 Friends of Scouting pledges totaling $1,065. Thank you to Mr. Reynolds for spearheading the campaign and to those who donated. On June 7th 13 scouts and 5 leaders took part in our Cooking Merit Badge Weekend at Camp Richard. Thanks to Mr. Sutcliffe for organizing the weekend. On June 14th 5 scouts and 2 leaders cleaned up Route 91, our adopted highway, as the Richmond Conservation Commission held their Environmental Awareness Day. During the June 21-22 Fishing Weekend at Camp Richard 16 scouts and 4 Leaders spent time fishing, playing games, and hanging out. Thanks goes to Mr. Pereira for putting the weekend together. On June 22, 5 scouts and 6 leaders took part in the Downey Weaver Posts Flag Retirement Ceremony. Thanks to Mr. Ferri for taking charge of that event.

On behalf of the troop I want to give a big Congratulations to Troop 1 Assistant Scoutmasters Mr. Bacon and Mrs. Puglia for receiving Southwest Service Area Scouting Awards for their work in Cub Scouting at the annual service area awards banquet!

And now a look ahead...

OUR WEEK AT CAMP YAWGOOG IS JULY 20-27. Scouts received a planning chart at our planning meeting in May and should have at least started to work on planning out their week. Whether they have or not I encourage you to sit down with your scout and use the chart to help them plan their schedule. All scouts attending for the first year will attend New Frontiers. Yawgoog has few required activities for scouts in their second year and above and scouts without a plan can find it difficult to organize their time. Additional planning information will be sent separately.

YMCA/Wyoming Post Office parking lot off Route 138 in Wyoming on Sunday July 20 at 4:00 PM. From there we will carpool to camp. We need leaders willing to drive scouts and any parents with a van, pickup truck, or trailer willing to transport luggage. Please let me or Mr. Sutcliffe know when we meet at the YMCA parking lot if you can either transport scouts or luggage.

There will be a closing ceremony and Court of Honor at Campsite Backwoods at 10:00 AM Sunday July 27 followed by the Dress Parade at 12:30 PM. Scouts are released after the parade at approximately 1:30 PM. Please do not take your scout without good reason before the dress parade as it shows a lack of support for the rest of the troop. Do not leave with your scout without telling me or a primary leader at Camp Yawgoog. (Me, Mr. Sutcliffe or Mr. Niland)

Send Mail To:
Scout's Name

Week 4
Camp Sandy Beach
Campsite Backwoods
Yawgoog Scout Reservation
61 Camp Yawgoog Road
Rockville, RI 02873

Phone: 401-539-2311

The scouts really enjoy getting mail at mail call!!!

Note: The planned pizza for our arrival on Sunday 6/20 has been cancelled!!! Scouts are responsible for bringing their own dinner Sunday night 6/20!

I repeat... The planned pizza for our arrival on Sunday 6/20 has been cancelled!!! Scouts are responsible for bringing their own dinner Sunday night 6/20!

Annual Health and Medical Record:
There are still a few parents who have not turned in health forms for their scout. Every scout attending Camp Yawgoog must provide a new BSA Health Form parts A, B, and C. Part C requires a doctor signature. For a copy of the BSA forms go here.

They can be mailed directly to Mr Tom Sutcliffe. Contact me for his address. Turning in forms at drop-off is too late since we will have already checked in the forms.

Adult Leaders:
Yawgoog is offering the following training courses while we are at camp. All Training can be
signed up and paid for at, leaders tab, Forms, Excel spreadsheets, etc., and then payment center. Remember that leadership costs can be reimbursed by the troop.

July 22nd - Scoutmaster Specific 9am - 5PM
July 23-24 Outdoor leadership skills 2pm( 23rd) - 5pm (24th)
July 22 - Climb on safety - 7-8 PM
July 24 - Safe swim and safety afloat (Sandy Beach) - 7-8 PM
July 23 - Trek Safety 7-8PM
July 24 - Leave no trace 7-8 pm
July 24 - Youth Protection 7-8 PM
July 24 - Advancement 7-8 PM
Leaders do not need to wait for our week at camp to take part in any leader training at Camp Yawgoog.

Dinner time (Supper) is formal at Camp Yawgoog. All Adult Leaders (as well as Scouts) must wear a Class A uniform shirt to supper. If you don't currently have a Class A uniform shirt then you must get one and wear it in order to join the troop for the evening meals.

Remember: all leaders staying overnight must also turn in a health form in advance, parts A, B, and C.

I will be sending a separate email with a lot more Yawgoog information including a packing list and information on merit badges.

National Youth Leadership Traning will take place from August 17th to August 22nd at Camp Yawgoog. Scouts should go here for details. The troop reimburses the scout's course fees when the scout has completed the National Youth Leader Training course. I'm mentioning it in this July newsletter because this is something that scouts should begin to consider at this time.

A Reminder: In a new effort to stay connected, you can now follow the troop on Twitter and Google+ for updates, announcements, pictures, interesting links and more. Both accounts are secure and can only be followed by those who are approved. Any member of the troop or a troop members parent will be approved to follow. Admins are Mr. Reynolds and myself. Click on the buttons below to follow us!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Jarry
Troop 1 Richmond, RI






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7-11 Camp Aquapaug

16 Yawgoog BBQ 6pm

20 Yawgoog Drop-off 4pm

20-27 Camp Yawgoog

27 Court-of-Honor 10am

27 Dress parade 12:30 pm

27 Scout pickup 1:30 pm



12 Fair Booth Meeting  7pm

13-17 Washington County Fair

17-22  National Youth Leader Training at Camp Yawgoog



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